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Applying Wood to a Ceiling for Visual Impact

For years as a Designer, I used various species of wood, Pine, Pecky Cypress, Cedar, etc. to enhance the Interior or Exterior ceilings of homes. Beadboard or T&G painted or stained was used on the exterior front entries and lanai ceilings.

    WOW!  What an ambiance it creates, not to mention that wood is also an insulator. Wood applications on ceilings have been used and still are in Modern, European, Transitional, and Traditional homes. It adds the impression and is a custom upgrade to a home.

    It is truly a jaw-dropping asset, a timeless image, an additive architectural element to a home. My 50's home has wider aged Beautiful Pine T&G ceilings and walls. I still love it after all these years.  It was a buying point for me.

    Thinking of buying/selling, I can assist you as a Designer or your Realtor or both. Until next time, Peggy from the Sunshine State.


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